There is something beautiful about Chandeliers…

It’s about the cut of the glass and the way that they reflect the light that is center to their existence. The prisms of light that shoot out of a chandelier when lit from from a particular angle is something that I never get tired of looking at. Rainbow colors dancing across the ceiling and bouncing off every surface allow for the merriest of daydreams, and every time I am faced by a beautiful cut glass chandelier I am enchanted by the colors that are produced by the light or sunshine pouring through it.

Simple pleasures like this are part and parcel of looking for beauty in the inanimate objects that surround us. Not that I have the opportunity to gaze upon a chandelier every day, but when I do I really appreciate it’s beauty and the work that it took to create it.

We can all be chandeliers if we want to be, shining brightly and letting our colors show.

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