At the end of the day………

It’s such a commonly used expression –

Irish people use it all the time. We throw it around casually in conversations….. “At the end of the day she was acting the maggot and I will NEVER be friends with her again”… “At the end of the day the score was even and the ref was SOOOO right”. “At the end of the day he was such a fecker that I dumped him”.

“At the end of the day” is a colloquialism- a part of the popular Irish vernacular, and although a lot of people use it frequently in conversation, I don’t honestly believe that we think too much about what lies behind the words that we are saying.

Circumstances have a way of making you sit up and take notice of what was once ordinary become extraordinary…….

At the end of the day on Wednesday I learnt that my mother’s terminal cancer had spread to other organs in her body…

At the end of the day I realised that her treatment had not halted this terrible disease despite medical interventions and chemotherapy….

At the end of the day I was alone with her as we were told that the results of her recent scans did not herald good news…..

At the end of the day we were sitting together quietly in a hospital room hearing words that extinguished all hope….

At the end of the day I was sitting with my mother the moment that we realised that the actual end of the day was coming sooner than we thought….


I am currently confused about the meaning of Destiny…..

6 responses to “At the end of the day………

  1. Thanks Jean and I am sorry to hear about Jack. He has lived such a long life and I know that he has been reasonably well up until recently. Sad news indeed about Monnie, and yes a hug would be lovely before we meet at the next funeral. Thanks for thinking about me, we go back a long long way dear friend. x


  2. Thanks Karen, you are so right about Destiny not giving out the breaks, and I know that Mam could really do with one now… Life eh? x


  3. Thanks Shauna – I seem to have been hearing these words a lot this week, and there is such poignancy attached to them at the moment… x


  4. Hi Valerie we keep on saying we will meet and sadly now the only forced meeting is at funerals …. I am sorry to hear of your mothers illness it is sad the end of her life has to be like this it is always sad loosing a parent but the fact your mother is the last of the parents to go it is harder … Neil’s father Jack is not well at present I was calling him Benjamin Button for a while but I think his time is nearly up as well . We really have to meet even if it’s only for a Hug . Jean x


  5. Sorry to hear your sad news, I suppose destiny’s journey takes no breaks even at those times when we most need one to regroup and gather strength for all thats coming. x


  6. I’m so sorry to hear this sad, sad news. You’ve written – despite such grief and emotion – a beautiful post about something so tragic and so full of meaning and love that, in a way, ‘at the end of the day’ captures all that this means for you and your family. My heart goes out to you. x


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